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100% Made in USA

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All Spinal Rods products come with a one (1) year manufacturer warranty, and coverage is good for one rod replacement at 50% purchase price replacement value. What this means:
 Manufacturer warranty covers proper assembly of all parts. A manufacturer warranty is against a failure of the manufacturing process that results in premature breakage or product failure. This warranty covers the first year of use. We guarantee our products are built/assembled in the best possible manner.


Warranty Exclusions

Warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages, damage or wear resulting from accident, normal wear, abuse, misuse, lack of maintenance, or altering the blank (unless approved by Spinal Rods) from its original length by cutting or trimming the butt or tip.


Examples of coverage of this warranty are listed below

Reel seat breaks loose from blank, premature breakage of blank under suggested usage prior to fishing, tip top falls off, gimbal falls off, guide thread wraps break or fail, etc. Warranty covered rods needing complete replacement require a 50% purchase price payment and proof of purchase. Example of non-coverage:
 Rod breaks while lure is snagged on bottom, lure swinging into guide and breaking the guide ring, dog using it as a chew toy, setting drags improperly and blank fails, fish strikes while rod is in holder under heavy drag setting, etc.


Spinal Blanks Warranty

All Spinal Blanks come with a 1 year warranty. Blank replacements requires a 50% purchase price replacement fee. Blank warranty is void if blank has been cut or modified in any way by anyone other than a Spinal employee.


In the package with the damaged rod you must include a copy of your purchase receipt, a note containing your name, phone number, return shipping address, and a check to process the warranty. DO NOT ship the damaged rod with a required shipping signature. We are in and out of the shop all day long and we also may be on the road testing and developing both current and future products. We do not want to miss your package. If the package does not include the purchase receipt or contact information, the rod will not be repaired and put to the side.


What happens to your damaged rod?

Your damaged rod will be evaluated by our staff to determine what needs to happen to repair it. If it is a broken blank covered under the warranty then you will be getting a new rebuilt rod. If you have a failed component then we will repair or replace it, depending on the component itself and the build of the rod.

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